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HEALTH Tips for all
Skin Care


  • To avoid diseases like hepatitis

    and Typhoid, eat 5 basil leaves everyday.

  • For tooth ache, keep a clove on the affected area.

  • Have a mixture of gingelly oil and egg, for 3 days, for menstrual disorders.

  • You will get a great relief from menstrual pain , if you have a gooseberry daily.

  • Boil the leaf of Malabar nut, squeeze its juice and add egg white. It subsides cough.

  • Eat the powder of dried ginger and cumin with sugar for relief from cough.

  • Have the mixture of mustard paste and honey for good relief from cough.

  • For a good relief from cough, mix equal quantities of basil juice, honey  and ajwain juice and drink on an empty stomach.

  • Are you suffering from urinary infection? Drink a glassful of water with a pinch of cardamom powder.

  • Chew some cumin and sugar for relief from stomach pain.

  • Have a mixture of lemon juice and honey when you are suffering from cold.

  • If you have bad breath, drink at least five glasses of water in the morning.

  • Stop nose bleeds by putting a few drops of pomegranate juice into your nostrils.

  • For nagging cough and chest congestion, boil 3 cups of water with 2 fresh betel leaves and 4 crushed peppercorns, till the water is reduced to half.

    Strain and drink every morning and night with a teaspoon of  honey.

  • For relief from toothache.. Take two basil leaves, a grain of salt and a pinch of pepper powder and press against the affected tooth.

  • For minor rashes on the skin.. add few basil leaves in your bathing water before you bathe.

  • To get a fair baby, Mothers can drink saffron added to milk during  pregnancy.

  • For  fever and cough of children, give some honey mixed with water.

  • The juice of carrot and tomato, mixed with a little honey is good tonic for children.

  •  A teaspoon of the powdered pomegranate skin taken with water early in the morning will not only purify the blood but also will serve as a good de- worming agent

  • Chewing raw guava leaves is an excellent quick fix for diarrhoea

  • If you are suffering from acidity, drink a glass of water with a piece of jaggery dissolved in it, after meals. 

  • Drink basil water everyday, it helps in keeping throat infection and cough at bay. 

For good Health

    • Add vegetables and fruits in your diet chart.

    • Drink 12-16 glass of water daily.

    • Avoid excess eating of fried things.

    • Try to buy meat which contain less fat.

    • Avoid excess sugar in tea and coffee.

    • Slice vegetables into big pieces, so that it won't loose vitamins.

Exercise Tips

    * Walking Equipment - All you really need for walking exercise is a good pair of walking shoes. Choose a pair with a firm heel cup for stability and plenty of room for toes so they can spread out as they push off when you're walking for exercise. Wear loose, comfortable clothes. In cool weather, dress in layers as you will warm up some if you walk a good distance.

    * Walking For Greater Fitness - Fitness walking can be as good for building fitness as running, if you work as hard. It´s not the kind of exercise, but how it´s performed that matters. Yes, it really is all about how you play the game.

    * Walking Faster - Get a move on and pump, pump, pump it up! If you want to walk faster, pump your arms faster. Your arms and legs move in sync when walking for exercise. Keep your arms bent at the elbow to shorten the lever and make it easier to speed up your fitness walking.

    * General Walking Technique - Stand up straight, swing your arms naturally, and let your hips move when you're out for a walk. Serious walkers can benefit from incorporating some racewalking technique to make their stride more efficient. Walk in a way that's natural and comfortable for you so you will not get tired too soon.

    * Walk First, Stretch Later - Forget stretching to limber up before your fitness walking. Instead, walk at an easy pace for five or ten minutes until you´re warm before kicking into high gear walking for exercise.

    * Ankle Flexibilty - A, B, C, D, E, F, G...To keep your ankles flexible with muscle stretching, try the alphabet stretch. Trace the alphabet in the air with your toes, one foot at a time.

    * Athletic Stretching - Dynamic muscle stretching is more effective but requires a partner and some base knowledge.

    * Yoga For Flexibilty - You don't have to do just stretching exercises if you want to be limber and flexible. Yoga is a great way to increase flexibility as well as total-body strength and balance. You have a choice of various yoga styles. You can do classical hatha yoga, or try modern variations like power yoga or yoga booty ballet.

    * Quad Stretch - Pull your foot up, with the knee bent and the thigh straight up and down, next to the supporting leg. During this muscle stretching, don´t pull the leg back and to the side, which stresses the knee, and don´t lean forward, which reduces range of motion and decreases stretching effectiveness.

    * Calf Stretch - First is the usual way where you lean against a wall, step back with the leg to be stretched, knee straight, then keep your heel down and push your hips forward until you feel the stretching in your calf. Second, keep the same position but bend your knee, which will give a better stretch to the soleus muscle and the achilles´ tendon.

    * Stretch Out A Cramp - For instance, for the calf cramp, or "charley horse," pull your toes up toward your shin in an opposing stretch. The calf muscle pulls the foot down, so you want to do muscle stretching and stretching exercises in the opposite direction to offset a cramp.

    * Cat Stretch- Here´s a good back muscle stretching exercise from our favorite felines. Get on the floor on all fours. Arch your back like a cat, then relax and let it sag toward the floor. Don´t move your arms or legs while stretching, just your back.

    * Neck Stretch - Maintain your ability to look behind you by keeping your neck flexible through neck stretching exercises. Turn your head as far as you can so your chin is over your shoulder, or close, then hold for 20 seconds. Repeat the stretch on the other side. Don't hold your breath.

    * Stretch To Where You Feel It- Stretch to where you feel the stretch in the target muscle, and hold it. Don´t stretch to pain. Don´t bounce. Certain athletes need to do fast, ballistic stretching exercises for their sport, but this is high risk and is not appropriate for most exercisers.

    * Good Posture - Work to achieve good posture. You can stretch to improve your posture. From the side, your ear should line up with the tip of your shoulder, your hip joint, the back of your knee (don´t lock out your knees when standing), and the front of the protruding bone on your ankle.

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