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Men beauty tips :-Tips for Men's Skin Care

Gone are the days where you found only the shaving cream, soap and after shave lotion as men's facial make up needs. But the current generation are more conscious about their appearance and have graduated from being admirers of beauty to being good looking themselves. They are willing to use cosmetics to improve their overall look without worrying that their 'macho' image might be called into question. 

Since men's activity spectrum is wide, they get exposed to the sun, wind and pollution to a great extent. The skin care needs of men do differ from those of women to some extent, but these differences are not so great. 

The skin of men is naturally oilier with larger pores and is thicker and rougher with copious hair growth. So an appropriate skin care routine is needed for men. To begin with, men should realize that proper skin care isn't going to occupy hours of their busy day. A few minutes a day is all that is necessary. 

Men skin care products tend to be lighter and less complicated chemically, and are designed to promote maximum soothing and healing of freshly shaved skin. Use of the products depends on one's age. As one gets older, the skin tends to dry up, mild cleansers with more moisturising effect are to be used. Use an effective sunscreen regularly. For the face, use a face wash depending on your skin type.

Men's skin care usually involves using a cleanser, shaving cream, conditioner, a toner, and a moisturizer. 

Shaving is the most typical start to a man's day. Getting a good shave involve skin’s sensitivity- how the skin reacts to razors and shaving products. The following tips will help not only get the shaving you crave, but also leave your skin looking and feeling its best.

1. Avoid shaving in the morning. If possible, let your skin wake up a while. This allows the "puffiness" you encounter from fluids collecting in your skin during the night to recede, thus allowing you to get a closer shave when you do begin the task.

2. Wet your beard thoroughly with warm or hot water before shaving. Well-soaked hair is much weaker and that makes it much easier to cut. 

2. Use a facial cleanser or scrub to eradicate dead skin cells and open up the pores of the skin to prepare it for a close shave. 

4. Thoroughly massage shave cream into stubble for one or two minutes before shaving. Use only the best shaving cream. Note that the best shaving cream doesn’t have a lot of foam. A vitamin and Aloe Vera based shave cream will provide a close soothing shave and protect against razor rashes and burns.

5. Use a sharp high quality blade. Shaving with a dull blade is responsible for many shaving cuts as it drags over your face and catches your skin along with the hairs of your beard. Also change the blades often and never use a disposable razor more than once. 

6. Rinse the blade often in hot water when shaving and use slow short strokes. Take your time.

People always like to have a blemish free skin. But it is you who must take care of your skin in order to help your skin look the best it can. Tips for maintaining a healthy skin are as follows:

1. Have a good nutrition diet:

Take care of what you eat. Certain foods that we eat may cause an allergic reaction to the skin. You must always have a nutritious diet containing fresh to fruits and green leafy vegetables as well as fiber.

2. Consumer water on a regular basis:

Drinking water is the best treatment for any skin condition. A dehydrated skin is capable of producing sebaceous glands. A daily intake of about eight glasses of water will keep the skin to function at its best.

3. Exfoliating your skin:

You can exfoliate your skin in order to attain a beautiful skin. This procedure eliminates the dead skin cells from your body. You can perform this activity twice a week. But don’t try this technique on your face since facial tissues are more sensitive and finer than the tissues of your body.

4. Avoid much of sunlight:

One of the ways to take care of the skin is to avoid much exposure to sunlight. Over exposure to sunlight causes sun burn.

5. Soap selection:

People with dry skin should use soap which fall into the super fatted category. An extra amount of fatty substance is found in super fatted soaps. The super fatted soaps are less irritating to dry skin.

6. Select cosmetics carefully:

If you have an oily skin, you could use cosmetics formulated for oily skin. It acts as a covering for oily skin and so the skin does not look as greasy. But don’t think cosmetics will stop oil production in your skin. Cosmetics cannot cure oily skin.

7. Focus towards facial care:

Talking about facial skin, we must get into a healthy beauty routine. You must take care of your facial skin by regularly getting your skin cleansed, toned and you also can moisturize your facial skin too. Tissue dealing with pimples on your face can be solved by using a face pack. A face pack contains natural or artificial ingredients with the aim of improving skin texture, color or remedying a specific skin problem such as blemishes, pigmentation, acne, wrinkles, oiliness, or dealing with the dryness of the skin. Check the ingredients of the face pack before you actually use it. It may happen that one or two ingredients might contain substance of allergic, as far as your skin is concerned. You can check whether the mask agrees with your skin by applying a little of it on a small patch of skin and then wait to see if it causes any burning sensation. If it does not, then it’s the right pack for you. A process of elimination of the skin takes place during the night. This process is hampered if you don’t have a clean skin. Hence always clear your skin before you go to sleep. You must remove all that make up before sleeping. This will allow the skin to breathe properly at night.

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