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Beauty Tips for all
Skin Care

Teen beauty tips :- Makeup and clothing is an issue for many teenage girls. If you are stressing about what you should look like as a newcomer in middle school, or a freshie in high school, here's a quick guide to help your fashion mature with you throughout middle and high school.

In Sixth grade, wear lip gloss, some mascara, and maybe a little bit of pale eyeshadow; don't go too heavy or it may look bad. If you want to try out more types of makeup, keep that for home experiments.
As for clothes, keep it in your comfort level. Bear this in mind: if you are wearing a bra or undershirt, don't let the straps hang out. It doesn't look cool; it just looks sloppy. If you are wearing a short shirt, check in the mirror to see if your stomach hangs out of the bottom. Otherwise, wear something a little bit longer. Also, if your pants are likely to slip, wear a belt. Belts are totally hip now!
* The main point is to keep the makeup light, and the clothes clean cut.
In Seventh grade you are beginning to care a little more what you look like; you might want to try curling your hair a few days a week, and using different hairstyles besides your typical ponytail.
If you are acne prone, try foundation. Remember thet even oily skin can get flaky and that looks horrible with foundation. So try it on weekends first and ask your mother (or someone that uses foundation well) if it looks okay.
In Seventh grade you might want to try eyeliner. But not too much because you don't want to look like a racoon!
Start trying to tie outfits together with accessories. It's good to try new things with your makeup and clothes. But when you try the new things, make sure it looks good on you, not just in the picture or at the store. Check out different stores, and find out if there is a style that suits you.

In Ninth gradeyou are probably getting good at makeup and you know what you like. Try establishing your own hairstyle without looking like everyone else. For example, if everyone has long, layered hair with no bangs, try light wispy bangs and a shorter, layered look. Keeping teeth clean, particularly when of school age, can be hard. You can't just go and clean your teeth during school hours and therefore have to wait for the evenings to clean them again.

Also of course if your school diet includes the visits to the tuck shop then the sugary residues can stay on the teeth all day!

However there are now products that can help called tooth gels. These go over and coat the teeth during the day and protect them from the build of up of food residue and sugary remains that are beloved by the bacteria that can then attack our teeth.

Trendy Teen Clothing for Girls

* Mixed Patterns – School girl patterns, particularly tweed, plaids, and argyle, look hip when layered. Choose some argyle leggings with your skirt and mix it up with a plaid sweater. Blending fancier looks with casual styles are also part of this trendy teen clothing style.

* Ponchos – These comfy layers of warmth are not going away just yet. They have only been spiced up with more frills and shimmer, for some extra sass to keep out the chill.

* Turtlenecks – Neck hugging knits and sweaters are back for another round. Just in time to keep out the winter cold.

High Waistlines – Empire waist shirts and dresses, along with tunics gathered by a high belt, are the image of this trendy teen clothing expression.

Jeans – Skinny jeans are all the rage this year. Team them with a set of knee high boots and off you go.

Layers, Layers, and more Layers – Layer your skirt over your jeans or leggings. Layered winter looks of wool caps, hand knit hats, and scarves.

Cropped Jackets – Leather or other formal fabrics are definitely a part of this trendy teen clothing item. You want them to be cropped as high as those empire waistlines.

Dangles – Big and long earrings the trend in jewelry, pair them with even your most casual school outfits for the ultimate fashion statement.

You might be wearing tighter jeans now and probably starting to get concerned with impressing the guys, so it's safe to try out more mature styles such as a sleek leather blazer, or lower cut necklines. If you are happy with your sports bra, that is totally OK. But it's safe now to check out the actual bra department and wear something that makes you feel pretty - like lace.

Tenth grade: high school! This is a big transition. Now in the same world as seniors, you are going to want to look like the rest of your peers. You should by now have your makeup and hair styles already. Try to update this look a bit, because no one wants to carry the same look they had in middle school. Dramatize a detail in your hair. If its known for it's left side part, part it even deeper. Make a straight style even sleeker and hip. Learn to make youre curls tighter, or looser.
In high school you might want to wear your usual make up during the day, and as you start to go out with friends and boys at night, add a darker shade of eyeliner, or jazz up your lips with something more festive. It's also good to try new shoes, try wearing spikier ankle boots with a pair of hot jeans and a blouse. Chunkier heels aren't as hip as spikes as you get older. Incorporate accessories into your outfit. Buy yourself a bag that's in suede or leather to keep your schoolbooks in, instead of a backpack. You will want to buy yourself a new jacket, and make it your own.
You know what you like, so go and find clothes that fit your style, but crank it up a notch for a more mature feel.
If you a teenage girl, then you may well suffer from Acne for one simple reason: that is, make-up!

It is an ironic circle, because you often start off wearing make-up to look nice, but this can clog pores in teenage years particularly and cause acne. So then you need make-up to cover up the acne, which in turn makes the acne stay or get worse.

So what can you do?

Well, try only to wear makeup on occasions where you have to or really want to - for instance a party. Stop wearing it to school or in the evenings.

On times where you do wear it always take it off as soon as you can - never leave makeup on overnight, for instance, as this is really bad for your skin and doesn't let it breathe.

By letting your skin breathe whenever possible, you can help reduce that particular cause of Acne as a teenager.
If you are going to use an antibacterial cream, then you should make sure that it contains Benzoyl peroxide.

The reason for this is simple - it is an effective active ingredient, because it kills the actual bacteria that cause the unsightly skin inflammation. In other words, it really works!

The stronger the percentage concentration in the cream, the more effective the product.

The only point to note is that you should try it in just one place the first time you use it, as there can be side effects to Benzoyl peroxide. For instance, it can cause irritation.
If you have red areas on the face, these are often caused by swelling from spots and acne.

One simple method is to actually rub the areas with ice cubes - these force the flow of blood further from the skin as the blood vessels get smaller with the cold and means the area looks much less red and blotchy, the affect lasts for a while. Of course it can be uncomfortable to do but it is worth it.

Particularly this is good if you have a small spot or zit you need to get rid of but the area around where you squeezed goes red afterwards - just rub with ice or really cold water for a few minutes to quickly get rid of the redness.

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